Maxxipaws maxxiSAMe Advanced SAM-e Liver and Cognitive Supplement for Dogs Given with Food - Powder 150g

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Brand: maxxipaws


  • SAM-e is the recommended natural supplement for supporting and maintaining healthy liver function in dogs
  • Supports the cognitive function and can help with mental decline in aging pets as well as offering hip and joint support
  • Not just SAM-e: Contains additional ingredients that support canine hepatic and brain function, including artichoke from the thistle family and B-vitamins that are recommended for dogs with hepatobiliary diseases and support the absorption of SAM-e
  • Easy to administer powder allows for accurate dosing for small, medium and large dogs and amounts can be easily adjusted as required
  • maxxiSAMe can be given with food as it is a patented stabilized micro-encapsulated powdered form of SAM-e, no more forcing coated tablets down your dog's throat

model number: MSA-2015

Part Number: MD-MS100

EAN: 5060536000030

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