Kitten Friendly Cat Litter

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Brand: Blazers

Color: Beige


  • Kitten Cat Litter
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Naturally pine fragranced
  • Perfect for training kittens to use the litter tray
  • naturally antibacterial

model number: KITTEN01

Part Number: KITTEN01

Details: Product Description Kittens learn and expore in the same way human babies do - with their mouths. Therefore, it is advised to choose a litter that is safe for kittens so that they don’t consume something toxic or dangerous. Kittens should not be given litter products that contain added fragrances, harsh chemicals, or clumping properties. While clumping litter might be acceptable for adult cats, it is a risk to kittens if ingested. Cj's Kitten Friendly Milled Wood Pellet Cat litter is also the perfect choice when it comes to litter training your kitten, the smaller, softer and lighter milled wood pellets are kind to your kittens sensitive paws anmd easier for them to dig and bury their "business". Coupled with appealing the natural pine fragrance it makes the whole proicess a breeze! Directions To use, pour kitten litter into your kittens tray until it's 2-3 cm deep and shake until level. Check tray daily and remove any solids using a biodegradable poop bag and put into your non recyclable household waste. Approximatley once a week empty the tray into old newspaper, wrap it up and bin it or place in your compost bin to be even more environmentally friendly. Wash the tray with a mild pet friendly detergent and dry thoroughly - refill with fresh milled wood pellets. CJ's Kitten friendly Milled Wood Pellets Cat litter can also be used for all types of domestic spillage.

EAN: 5060098420291

Package Dimensions: 17.0 x 12.5 x 4.5 inches

Languages: English

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