Go-Cat Junior Dry Cat Food Chicken Milk and Veg 2kg Pack of 4

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Brand: Go-Cat


  • Specially formulated for kittens up to 1 year, also suitable for pregnant or lactating cats With the right level of vitamin E to help support his natural defences
  • Formulated with quality protein to help support a healthy growth
  • Vitamins and minerals to help his teeth and bones grow strong
  • Vitamin E to help support his natural defences
  • Taurine to help promote a healthy heart and good eyesight
  • Cereals, Meat and animal derivatives (20%, of which 2% chicken and 2% turkey in Y-shape kibbles*), Vegetable protein extracts, Oils and fats, Fish and fish derivatives, Vegetables (0.9% dehydrated vegetables equivalent to 4% rehydrated vegetables in Y-shape kibbles**), minerals, Yeasts, Milk and milk derivatives (0.7% skimmed milk powder equivalent 4% rehydrated skimmed milk in round shape kibble ***), . * Total content in product: 1.8% chicken and 1.8% turkey ** Total content in product: 3.9% rehydrated vegetables *** Total content in product: 0.26% rehydrated skimmed milk Typical product composition: Y-shape kibbles 90%; round shape kibbles 10%.
Details: Go-Cat Kitten is a complete and balanced pet food specially formulated for the healthy development of your kitten. Made with chicken, vegetables, vitamins and minerals, Go-Cat Kitten provides him with all the nutrients to ensure a good transition from mother's milk to solid food.
Go-Cat is made with high quality ingredients and contains a range of vitamins and minerals to support your cat's health. Suitable for kittens and pregnant or nursing cats. Should be introduced at 3 to 4 weeks of age. Product should be mixed with water to make eating easier. Increases the quantity as the kitten starts to eat more and reduce the quantity of water added when kitten are able to eat the food alone. 

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