March 04, 2021 3 min read

  • Helps Prevent Behavioral Issues

Although it appears cute and adorable to have your dog lying beside you, know that this is never a good idea. Perhaps your dog is as sweet and affectionate as you think he is, but eventually you’ll realize that the main reason why your dog is in your bed is because he thinks it is the most comfortable place for him to rest. It won’t take long until he takes over your bed entirely. When he does, he may growl at you every time you order him to come down, especially when you have already made him feel it is all right for him to be there in the first place.

  • Contributes to Your Dog’s Health

Your dog deserves unlimited belly rubs and treats if he is a good boy for not taking over your bed. What he doesn’t deserve, however, is a makeshift bed out of old blankets or deformed pillows. Then again, your dog will always make do with his gift with a happy smile and a wagging tail. Unfortunately, such can harm his health since he has to deal with whatever tiny space and limited sleeping position he can muster.

A hard or uneven surface and uncomfortable sleeping position leads to erratic sleep, causing your dog to become irritable and lackadaisical. Take note how lack of sleep can greatly affect his overall well-being and posture. If you have senior or overweight dogs, an orthopedic bed is much advised. Senior dogs in particular have weaker joints; their physique causes them pain if they lie on a less comfortable bed. Therefore, get a suitable dog bed that caters your dog’s specific needs to ensure his optimum health.

  • Keeps Him Toasty Warm

The lovely jacket you bought for your four legged friend won’t suffice against the bitterness of winter. Your dog needs a warm comfortable bed so he stays snug as a bug during long chilly nights. Sleeping on the floor exposes your dog to temperatures that are either higher or lower than what is good for him: falling ill as a result.  Dogs are highly vulnerable to temperature change; hence, they need proper insulation for comfort. A self-warming dog bed is ideal to keep your dog feeling safe and toasty during an inclement weather, but it is best to give him an electric heated dog bed during the extremes of winter. Meanwhile, a cooling bed can keep him feeling fresh and invigorated during hotter climates.

  • Helps Preserve Your Furniture

Some dogs love to circle around and do some kneading or burrowing before they finally settle on to sleep. Now that’s very unfortunate if he does that to your designer couch or to your favorite rug. No matter how many times you vacuum your couch, he will leave always leave his signature trail of fur and dander there. Until you introduce him to his new bed and make the sofa less appealing to him, you can never blame him for doing so. After all, it is the second best place to sleep next to your bed.

  • He Has His Own Special Place

Just like us, dogs want to be away from mischievous children, noisy guests, the sulky cat housemate, and even from humans for a while. A dog sleeps more than 10 hours a day, so they need a cozy place that he can access anytime; not the sofa where he has to wait in queue or compete with the cat. Having his own dog bed is the best way he can have his peacefully short retreat. Know that dogs are territorial, and they value their possessions very much.

In the end…

Buying a dog bed is one of the most rightful decisions a dog owner can make. Remember that a dog bed is not an ostentatious display of how much money you can waste; real dog parents know better. Unless you don’t consider your canine companion as part of the family, you will never understand the necessity.

A dog bed is more than just a random soft square for your dog to sleep on: it envelops your dog with a sense of privacy and security. Most importantly, it affects your dog’s health in a positive way. When choosing a dog bed, make sure it provides proper insulation, sufficient joint and weight support, warmth, and optimum comfort. It should be washable and easy to clean as well. If you think the dog bed you choose can provide you with all the five benefits mentioned above, then you’re on the right track.

Your best canine friend may not be able send you a thank you card for his new dog bed, but his sweet wet licks and wiggling tail is surely a sign of his gratefulness!

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